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A decaf that you will enjoy drinking!! This coffee comes from various farms in the Huila region of Colombia and is decaffeinated with a process currently unique to Colombia. The E.A. (Ethyl Acetate) decaf process imparts a pleasant sweetness to the cup instead of stripping it of all flavor common to other decaf processes. We enjoy the graham cracker aroma, creamy mouthfeel and a touch of citric sweetness that leaves you wanting more! Drink all day!!

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Timothy Kirk
Awesome tasting decaf for french press

I like my coffee black and with a smooth rich flavor that doesn't need cream and sugar to hide behind. I have had a hard time over the years finding decaf whole bean coffees that still retain good body and flavor when made with a french press. I've only found a few - Sugarcane Decaf from Merit in Texas is one everyone talks about online. The Colombia Huila Decaf from Table Coffee is just as good, and I love that it is locally roasted in Colorado. This is now my go to for decaf coffee.

Dawn Bouchard
A very happy daughter!

For my daughter who lives in FoCo, surprising her with her favorite Table Co. coffee for Christmas here in Ohio was a delight! Dan and Brandon shipped it quickly with care (and a bonus pkt. as well!), making it all possible. Thank you much, Table Co.!

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